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Health Care Reform

August 26, 2009 Leave a comment

Blood PressureI got a small cost of living increase instead of a raise this year.  My bonus was also smaller than previous years.  I know there are people that lost there jobs and I should be happy that I still have a job but the talk about a “Public Option” in the health care debate has me thinking.  My employer spends a significant amount of money on my health insurance each year, as do I.  The next time we hit a recession I’m worried that now they will have an option of saying there cutting off our employer sponsored health program and switching to the “Public Option”.

Instead of trying to compete with private health insurance companies what I would like is a type of FDIC for health care.  The government doesn’t try to control your banking services, but the services you get from a bank are regulated and in case the worst happens and your bank fails, the government is there to restore your losses.  FDIC is not publicly paid for.  They collect premiums from the bank they cover.  I think this is the type of system we should have for health care.

We don’t treat our car insurance like we do our health insurance.  We know what things cost and we decide wether it is better to pay for it ourselves or use our car insurance.  We understand that if we file a claim our insurance premiums will most like increase.  We don’t use car insurance to pay for gas or oil changes.  We  use car insurance to insure us against large costs and losses.  We should treat health insurance the same way.  Many of us have received doctor bills for hundreds of dollars for a seemingly short visit, but we don’t care because were not paying out of pocket for those costs.  We need to know what we pay for and use insurance for large unexpected costs.  We pay thousands of dollars a year in premiums and our employers pay thousands more, but we have no idea what our real health care costs are.

Yes, there will be people that cannot afford even the most basic health care.  Those people should, and it could be me at some point, should have access to basic health care but the system must be setup so that there is a great incentive to provide for yourself.  If you can’t provide housing for yourself there are homeless shelters to provided basic support until you can get on your feet or into government assisted housing.  But the fact that some people are homeless doesn’t mean the government should force people living in homes to live in shelters until there are no more homeless.  Reducing the level of care for people that currently have health insurance does nothing for those that currently are without.  That’s what I think, leave a comment.

Update:  This article at The American goes into more details as to how a public option health plan would have a different set of regulations than private insurance plans.

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