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Bill Drawer

August 21, 2009 Leave a comment

I have online bill pay set up with at least half a dozen companies and most companies force you go to online only bills when you switch to online bill pay.  That’s fine, less mail, less chance of your information being stolen, but what happens to your historical bill then?  If you suddenly start getting charged a little more every month by your provider you don’t really notice it since you never get the bill.  You can always look up previous bills online, but how many of us do that after the first few months if a new provider.

What I need is the online equivalent of the bill drawer that I used to store all my paper bills when they came in the mail.  That way I had a record of everything I was charged for and payed as far back as I have paper records.  I want a secure site that will collect, catalog and monitor my bills so that I can be notified if there are month to month changes it was should be a stable bill.  You can’t really do that with all your online bills since every provider uses a different system.  You could monitor that amount going out of your checking account to each provider each month but that provides no information except the amount.

Ideally there would be a secure way to log all your bills for future references and even to perform some metrics on them.  My solutions would be two fold.  First, for providers that have PDFs of your bill available online  you can just post that PDF onto a site and the site will analyze the bill and properly catalog it.  This would require manually getting the PDF unless you gave the site your login in and it somehow got the information itself.  The other solution is a pseudo-print driver that you would use to print your bills that would automatically post them to site.

You could have a custom email address  When you get notification of a new bill you forward that bill to the email address and it gets properly cataloged.  Or, how about if you gave that email address to the site that would go grab the bill then send you the details you wanted only.

What I really want is an independent copy of all my bills that I can look up when I want to without have to have access to the original providers site.

Where do you keep your bill archives?  Leave a comment below.

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