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The Park Is Mine

September 19, 2009 Leave a comment

The Park is Mine PosterIn 1986 there was a made for television movie named The Park Is Mine.  The movie starred Tommy Lee Jones as a Mitch, Vietnam veteran living in New York City.  In an attempt to bring attention to the plight of veterans living with the after effects of war and to honor those who served in Vietnam, he takes over Central Park during Memorial day weekend.

For 72 hours, using road blocks and unbeknown to the NYPD, blank ammunition, he takes control of Central Park.  After forcing the evacuation of the park by staging explosions at various points within the park, he lays concertina wire across all the entrances of the park and broadcasts his intention to hold the park for 72 hours and to walk out on midnight Memorial day.

An intrepid reporter sees this as the perfect opportunity to advance her career by gaining an inside interview with the man that is holding Central Park hostage.  She sneaks into the park only to be captured by Mitch.  He decides to let her stay to document the event from the inside.

Mitch uses a military radio transmitter he brought with him to inform those listening on why he is taking this drastic action.  One such story is about a veteran who had frozen to death in his apartment because his gas was shut off for non-payment.  His body was not discovered for several days.

With public sentiment starting to turn in favor of Mitch, the city sees its control of the city slipping away.  They decide to send it two mercenaries into the park to kill Mitch before he can complete his mission of holding the park for 72 hours.  When Mitch realizes that he is being stalked by mercenaries he switches from his blank ammunition to his real military hardware and goes after them.

It is interesting to think about this movie given the context of our times.  Would the public be so quick to sympathize with Mitch in our post 9/11 world.

Unfortunately this review has had to come from memory because The Park is Mine has never been released on DVD.  The Wikipedia page for this movie is barren and even the tailor on YouTube only has a few hundred views.

Hopefully this movie will be released on DVD at some point.

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