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September 29, 2009 2 comments

Shuttle Movie PosterShuttle is anything but a quick ride.  The movie stars Mel (Peyton Liston) and Jules (Cameron Goodman) as the hot girls about to be terrified and Tony Curran as the nameless Shuttle driver about to do the terrifying.  The story takes us on a  journey into the unknown intentions of a crazed, yet obviously intelligent mad man.  The film doesn’t have any actors that your likely to recognize but writer/director Edward Anderson also wrote the movie Flawless staring Michael Caine and Demi Moore.

Mel and Jules arrive from a weekend of drinking in Mexico to a deserted airport.  Instead of taking a cab home they get talked into taking the cheaper airport shuttle with two other guys that were flirting with them in the airport and a lone man in a business suit.  The passengers soon realize the driver is not taking the usual route.  After disabling the passenger that is his biggest threat the driver begins to show his malicious intentions.  At first the passengers think they are being robbed but soon realize all the effort the driver is putting into this crime is overkill for a robbery.

After failing with several escape attempts the passengers realize there are larger plans involved in this scenario.  Are some of the passengers working with the driver?  Where is the driver taking his passengers?  Why the driver seen to be going out of the way to not hurt one particular passenger?  Well you’ll have to watch to find out.

Shuttle isn’t anything to write home about, but it is a wonderful late night movie when your looking to watch something half decent before bed.  The story isn’t the most original one and the usual horror movie memes are in this movie but it does have some moments that leave you wondering what is going to happen next.

It is available on Netflix Watch Instantly as well as DVD rental.  I would recommend it, just don’t expect too much.

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