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Facing the Habit

September 14, 2009 1 comment

Facing the Habit is a documentary about one man’s quest to beat his heroin habit. Dave, a former stock broker, wasted away both his life and $500,000 a year paycheck to his heroin addiction. The story picks up as Dave is about to travel to Mexico to try an experimental rapid detox procedure that he hopes will rid him of his living nightmare.

Through his interactions with his mother and girlfriend you get to both hate and feel sorry for Dave at the same time. Dave’s heroin addiction has left him with a $500 a day habit but no job to pay for it. This horrible catch-22 has Dave alienating his friends and family, who are the only people who can help him.

In rare moments of lucidity, Dave clearly understands that if he does not stop he will die but at the same time he know the likely hood of him beating his addiction are low. I find it hard to imagine the mindset one must go through in a situation where you know you will die but you have no way of stopping.  It’s like he’s driving towards and cliff and he knows all he has to do to stop is to step on the break, but he is forcing himself to step harder on the gas.

The documentary is interspersed with the stories of others that have gone on the experimental “Ibogaine” treatment. The drug is a psychotropic that appears to work well in helping people go through the detox process easier than if they had quit cold turkey. The previously insurmountable task of getting clean then seems insignificant to the task of staying clean.

According to the film, 9 out of 10 heroin addicts will most likely die from their addiction. That is a sobering statistic. When a person sticks that first syringe of heroine into their blood stream there is a 90% that is will kill them.

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