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Top 5 iPhone Improvements That Should Be In The Next iPhone Update

iPhone Home Screen

Besides the usual iPhone complains about AT&T service, tethering, price, etc.  These are the improvements I’d like to see in the next iPhone app and all of these are doable.

5.  Variable brightness.  There is an “Auto-Brightness” setting on the iPhone but I have not noticed my phone ever changing brightness on its own.  The phone should use a mixture of outside brightness and time of day to determine the level of brightness.  If I’m checking time in the dark and in the middle of the night I would rather not be blinded by my phone’s brightness.  Or if I’m catching up on my FML before sleep I’d rather not have my pupils fully dilated.

4. Location based security.  When I’m at home I don’t really need the passcode lock enabled.  It would be cool to set up “safe zone” Wi-Fi locations where security settings are disabled when your in range and then re-enabled when you leave.  For example, you could have security features automatically set to their most strict settings when you leave your home Wi-Fi area in the morning and then switch to a more relaxed security posture when you arrive at work.

3.  Smart home screen.  The home screen of the iPhone should adjust based on your location or current task.   I would like to be able to setup one home screen for work and another for home.  The home screen’s would automatically be updated based on location.  Also, I would like to set up custom home screens for when I am walking or driving.  My walking home screen would have apps you would use while walking and my driving home screen would have apps that are good to use while in the car.  The phone should be able to tell whether your walking or driving automatically based on the location services built in to the iPhone.  When the phone knows you are driving it could also handle events differently.  If your driving and the phone rings it could automatically answer and turn on speaker phone.

2. Secure home screen.  One of the home screen tabs should be setup as a secure home screen.  The last home screen  tab should have a separate password protecting it so that you can place all your banking, finance and other apps with personal information on the page. 

1.  Secure Apps.  Secure apps would be the iPhone version of an SSL protected site.  You would be assured that the secured apps are from the providers they claim to be and use encryption to transmit your information.  It is only a matter of time before app phishing becomes a real problem.  There are many banking and finance apps available in the app store which give you as much access to your account as the providers website but you have no way of knowing how secure your data is.  Can you use the eTrade app over a public Wi-Fi?  I’d like to be able to know for sure.

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