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Time Machine Is Not For Backups

OS X Kernel Panic

Having a back up of your computers hard drive is not the same as having a recovery plan.  Suppose you planned on working from home this weekend but you were greeted with message above.  You thought you were protected by your backups  You might think you have a good recovery plan because you’ve used OS X’s time machine or even a time capsule but that does not help you with your current problem.  You have a broken computer, you need a working one.

Your personal recovery plan should be as thorough as one that would be used for a business.  In many cases your personal computer has even more irreplaceable items that a business machine.

Mac OS X solves one of the biggest issues with recovery plans which is having an automated, consistant and up to date set of backups.  If your have Time Machine turned on and it consistently backups up your hard drive without errors then you already have a backup of your system that is up to date and automated.

So, its sunday morning and you need to get some work done but your machine is down, most likely due to a hard drive crash.  But you have backups on your time capsule so your all set right?  Actually, your not.  Right now your no better off than if you didn’t have any backups.  You have backups sitting on your time capsule but nowhere to restore them.  You backed up your data but what about your machines hardware.

If your not comfortable overwriting your hard drive with your backup, now, without any preparation, then what makes you think you can do it after a hard drive crash when you would have no chance to prepare.

Time Machine is a backup system not a recovery plan.  With the data from your Time Machine backup and enough time and money you could restore your system to the latest backup but it could take days or longer to do so.  Time Machine is good for restoring files and last ditch backup restore of the entire hard drive but it does not make for a good recovery system.

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