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WordPress.Com Review

WordPress is a blogging software package that manages the several different requirements of a blog.  Blogging software is required to deal with not only the posts themselves but also the site layout, comment handled and several other administrative functions.  The WordPress software is available for download but most people choose to host their blog at the WordPress.org sister site WordPress.com.

The advantages of using WordPress.com as a host for a WordPress blog is that updates are automatically applied to the blog software so there is not the usual lag between a security update being released and the update being applied to your installation.  Obviously a major benefit is that WordPress.com is a free host but along with the benefit of a free host come some restrictions.

A couple of major draw backs on hosting a WordPress blog on WordPress.com is that you cannot include advertisements and the stats package is woefully deficient.

Adsense, Yahoo, Chitika, TextLinkAds and other ads are not permitted on WordPress.com blogs.


The statistics provided by WordPress.com are well presented but they do not track home page visits and are not as robust as a those available with Google Analytics.  Unfortunately, WordPress.com does not allow Google Analytics to be installed on hosted blogs.

Can I use Google Analytics?
No, Google Analytics cannot be used on WordPress.com blogs at this time.


Besides these non-trivial issues there is also the matter of having your content hosted on someone elses server with no guarantee that your data will remain untouched.

As it clearly states in our Terms of Service, we can delete or reclaim any account for any reason. We call these “eminent domains.” Historically we have never done this to an active blog, however.


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