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5 Movies You’ve Never Seen But Should

There are movies out there which have missed the collective conscience of the movie watching public but are still worth the time to watch.  Some of these movies went straight to video while others may have been lost in weekly theater movie shuffle.  These are 5 movies that you probably never heard of but are definitely worth watching.

1.  Alien Raiders – 2008

Alien Raiders Poster

Alien Raiders is an alien invasion story in the tradition of  John Carpenter’s The Thing.  There are aliens among us and the only way to find them is through some sort of human/alien test.  A group of alien raiders have tracked an alien queen to a small town supermarket.  The group methods are crude if not effective.  They raid the store to save humanity, but have to damage some humanity to do it.

2.  Repo! The Genetic Opera – 2008

Repo The Genetic Opera Poster

Repo! The Genetic Opera is nothing if not an original film.  In the future every part of your body can be replaced with superior parts and all those new parts can be financed like a new car.  When people can’t pay for their new body parts the repo man comes to repossess your new heart, liver or vocal cords.  It really is an opera so there is singing.

3.  Population 436 – Release 2006

Population 436 Poster

Population 436 is a story about a small town isolated from the outside world.  The town is hiding a terrible secret.  For the last 100 years the population of the town has always remained exactly 436 inhabitants.  When a baby is born, that means someone has to die.

4.  Felon – 2008

Felon Poster

In Felony, a man is sent to prison for killing an intruder that broke into his home.  This family man must now learn to survive in prison so that he can one day return to his family.

5.  Hannibal Rising – 2007

Hannibal Rising Poster

Hannibal Rising is the prequel to all the Hannibal Lecter from The Silence of the Lambs fame.  The movie starts a young Hannibal and his sister.  It shows up what happened to Hannibal growing up that made him the way he is.

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  1. Felix
    September 15, 2009 at 2:08 pm

    Good recommendations dude. Repo The Genetic Opera looks sick! Can’t wait to see it.

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