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Stop Spam With One Click

wIf your sending emails to a mailing list, you must implement a system for one click unsubscribe.  You cannot make people go to your site, login to there account and uncheck a box to stop emailing them.  That is spam.  Even if someone signed up for a mailing list of yours you have to give them a single click unsubscribe or your email will get tagged as spam and eventually blocked by internet service providers.

Sometimes I’ll sign up to a site and either forget to uncheck a mailing list check box or genuinely want to hear from a site.  Then the emails start rolling in once a week or with greater frequency and they tend to be nothing more than advertisements for the sites.  Before tagging the email as spam I will try to remove myself from their mailing list but when I scroll down to the bottom of the email I am often met with instructions to login to the website and change my preferences.  There has to be link at the bottom of every email you send that takes the user directly off that emails mailing list. 

The implementation should not be difficult.  Include a link with a unique ID at the bottom of every email you send.  If that unique link is used to get back to your site, drop the email associated with the ID from your list.  If you don’t make it as seemless as possible for people to remove themselves from your email list they will keep marking your email as spam and then those that want to receive your email will not be able to.

Treat your users inbox as you would there home because it is there home.  You are a visitor to there inbox and that right can be revoked at any time.  If you over stay your welcome, you will not be invited again.

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