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Easy Money Is Hard

National Geographic Channel runs a series which tells the stories of individuals incarerated in prisons or taken hostage while outdesi of there home country.  The show is called “Locked Up Abroad” and the episodes generally break down into people being caught smuggling drugs or people being taken hostage for ransom.  These are my top 5 tips from the smuggling episodes.

  1. Dreary English weather causes is a main cause of drug smuggling to tropical countries.
  2. Swallowing balloons full of heroine is not an original or effective idea.
  3. Feigning insanity to moved from prison to an insane asylum is rarely a good idea.
  4. Calling friends or family to borrow money for a return ticket home is much less humiliating than calling them with news that you’ve been arrested for drug smuggling.
  5. Hearing yourself say the words “I have no choice, I have to go through with it.” is precisely when you should see tip 4.
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