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Alarm clock puts me to sleep

AlarmWe set an alarm clock to the time we want to wake up.  That is our goal but what is our objective?  Our objective is make our destination well rested by a specified time.  If we concentrate on our objective and not our goal we would realize the more important time is when we get to sleep not when we wake up.  We set a “wake up” alarm but not a “go to sleep” alarm.  Instead of setting an alarm to wake up at a certain time try to think of sleep as a period with a beginning and ending, not just a set ending time.  The wake up alarm should be the final step of the sleep period, not the first.  If you think about sleeping a certain number of hours before a certain time you might get a better night rest than thinking about waking up before a certain time.

Usually we only think of the time we have to get up.  If you plan ahead you might be able to do a better job of getting necessary rest.  Break down what your trying to accomplish.  In this case, we’re trying to get work on time and well rested.

Goal:  Arrive at work at 9:30 AM

Then we work our way backwards.

Goal – 1:  Complete 45 minute commute by 9:30
Goal -2:   Arrive at train station at 8:45 pm
Goal -3:   Time to get ready – 30 minutes
Goal -4:  Wake at 8:15 pm
Goal -5:  Add 15 minutes buffer time to account of unexpected delays
Goal -6:  Sleep for 8 hours
Goal -7:  Go to sleep at by 12:00 AM
Goal -6:  Time to get ready for bed and fall asleep – 30 minutes
Goal -8:  Begin sleep period at 11:30 pm

Now you can set your “go to sleep” alarm at 11:30 PM and with this plan in your mind your more likely to hit your goal of making it into work at 9:30 AM the next day well rested.  You’ll be more likely to try to get to bed rather if you keep in mind the series of events that depend on your completing your schedule on time.

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