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Routers have rights too

Closed Display of Networking GearThe local Best Buy and Staples have similar prices and selection on networking gear but at which store would you rather shop?  The staples items are in lock down.  There locked behind class cases that only Mr Staples himself has the key to open.  The Best Buy selection is out in the open so you can look through the items, read the back of the boxes and browse through the selection at your own leisure.

When stores put there items behind locked cases I feel like I’m shopping online, but in person.  I can see the item I want to buy, but I can’t touch it.  I can look at the parts of the boxes that they have viewable and if I want to buy it I have to go through a checkout order process and wait for delivery.  If you want to buy something from behind a case you have to go searching through the store for someone that can help you and the person that you find is usually not the one with the authority to open the case.  Once the correct employee is found they usually follow you to the checkout and the item to the checkout employee personally.  So basically, you just placed an order at staples.com and had it delivered by a staples employee instead of the UPS guy.

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