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Location Picking On Websites

June 15, 2009 Leave a comment

Have you ever gone to a website and the first thing the site does is ask you what region your in so that the site can you region specific data.  That’s fine but what about

Some websites are region specific and make your choose what region site you want to see before your enter. Why don’t they assume your coming from the united states and let others change the region if they need to. Whatever you do, don’t list regions alphabetically. Really, how many visitors is getting from Afghanistan.

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Tivo HD

June 14, 2009 Leave a comment

Tivo HD does not let you used a standard cable box, even if you don’t want to get HD content.

Tivo HD needs cable cards to work.  Cablevision won’t send me the cable cards without scheduling a home visit so for about 2 weeks I had my Tivo HD but no way to use it.  I was planning and using my standard cable box as the input to the Tivo until I could schedule a visit from cablevision but the Tivo would only accept an digital antenna input.

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Wired or Wireless?

June 14, 2009 Leave a comment

Every few months I seem to go back between wired and wireless keyboard and mouse.  Wireless is good because there is less clutter on the desk and greater portability, but that has a trade off with batteries, signal strength, and overall responsiveness.  Wired has the extra cables on your desk but you don’t have to worry about switching batteries and seems to have a much more responsive user experience.

In my line work I spend most of my time working with a keyboard, mouse and monitor.  You can add your chair and desktop as frequently used items as well.  As a musician fine tunes his instruments and a plumber chooses the best tool for the job so must we, the friendly everyday office computer workers.

Most of your interaction with a PC goes from your fingertips through the keyboard and into the computer.  Most of us don’t have much say in what type of computer we use at work but keyboards are relaltively inexepnsive and easy to customize.  Most employers won’t have a problem with you swapping out your standard issue keyboard for something most personal and in the end more productive.

The first step to choosing a keyboard with wether you want one that is wired or wireless.  Keyboards not spend too much time moving around on your desk so a wired keyboard doesn’t seem like too much of an imposition.

What about mousepad?  Yes or no?  If yes, which kind?  Round, square, smooth surface, foam surface?

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